• Manof, Israel

    We Recommend

    Sama- Bar & Restaurant

    Sama is a new bar in old Akko offering a new and exciting experience on one

    Tel Hanaton

    Tel Hanaton is a successful destination for those looking for a short family trip or a

    HaSolelim Parking Lot

    Slightly south of the movil junction, there is a new parking lot with wooden tables, a

    Yechi’am Convoy

    South of the Kabri junction, in the heart of a green and shady grove, is a

    Ahihud Forest

    Whether you are looking for a view of the Galilee landscape, a pleasant place to sit

    Liman Grove

    In front of the entrance to Moshav Liman, a little south of Betzet Junction, you will

    Family day on the coast

    The first point of the route is the Ein Afek Nature Reserve. On the northern side

    Culinary, nature and mosaic in the Western Galilee

    The route starts at Cafe Ritual, located on Route 85 in the Bar Lev industrial area.

    Shachar Estate

    The Shachar Estate is a unique, special, and secluded accommodation complex. On site you will find

    Argaman Beach Akko

    Argaman Beach in Akko is a declared beach, overlooking the Old City walls. Acre Crimson Beach

    Shavei Tzion Beach

    Shavei Zion beach near Nahariya. The beach is a children’s attraction because of its natural sea

    The Citadel – Music in Akko

    Under the heading “You have a place to hangout”, a new entertainment complex for music and

    Bar-On Holiday Homes

    Bar-On Holiday Homes are located in Ben Ami, a moshav situated in one of the most

    Arabesque Hotel

    Arabesque comprises two beautifully restored and renovated Ottoman buildings in the ancient city of Akko on the northern Mediterranean

    Ha-Amami Market

    The Ha-Amami Market in the Akko Old City is considered to be the most colorful street in

    Lily Sharon Park

    Across Napoleon Hill, the City of Akko has set up the Lily Sharon Park, a tourist

    Tel Akko

    Tel Akko also known as Napoleon’s Hill is located at the entrance to the city and

    Okashi Art Museum

    Adjacent to the Knights’ Halls in Old Acre, an ancient building with cruciform domes dating back

    Knight’s Hall – Hospitaller Fortress

    The Knights’ Halls were formerly used for lodging and eating for the Crusader settlements in Akko,

    Al-Basha Turkish Bath

    The construction of the hammam (bathhouse) was part of the transformation of Akko during the Ottoman

    Gravity Park – Carmiel

    Gravity Park is a large closed and air-conditioned challenge park for all ages that includes over

    The Efendi Hotel Spa

    In the picturesque alleys of Ancient Akko, overlooking the walls and the sea, lies the Efendi

    The Parachute – Skydiving in Israel

    The Parachute is not just another skydiving club. Free fall over the beautiful landscape in Israel,

    Ice Skating – Lake Monfort

    Monfort Lake, Israel’s first ecological park, is located in the heart of the Western Galilee, surrounded

    Tal Gallery

    Tal Gallery in Kfar Vradim was established in 2002 in memory of Tal Greenfeld, a young

    The Whitepool, Regba

    Whitepool is the world’s first ball complex. Whitepool is filled with 250,000-white balls awaiting you in

    Ghattas Turkish Bath

    Emil Ghattas was born and raised in Akko’s Old City. When he returned to Akko after
    • Ghattas Turkish Bath, 3 St, Isfiya, Old Akko

    Hanita Forest

    The Hanita Forest is spread along the slopes of the Western Galilee around Kibbutz Hanita. KKL-JNF
    • Hanita Forest

    The Bustan Beehive, Peki’in

    The Peki’in Hive was founded by Gamal Hir in 1977 in the village of Peki’in. The

    The Underground Prisoners Museum, Old Akko

    The Underground Prisoners Museum in Old Akko is a memorial museum in memory of the members

    Goren Paintball

    Goren Paintball is located near Moshav Goren in the Western Galilee, an exciting, competitive and colorful

    My Baby Amusement Park

    My Baby is a huge complex dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of children and parents. In

    Achziv Beach Trek

    In the magical Western Galilee, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, lies

    Extreme Park Akko

    The Extreme Park in Akko is the largest and most professional in Israel, with the largest

    Maskit Suites and Spa

    Maskit Suites – a synergy of design, service, intimacy and prestige on an international level. At

    Khan HaGalil – Guest Houses, Camping and Tents

    The new Khan HaGalil offers all the possibilities of lodging in the area for all types

    Lake Camping – Lake Monfort

    Monfort Lake, the first ecological park in Israel, is located near Ma’alot in the heart of

    Camping Achziv Beach

    The Achziv Beach camping site is located on the coast of the most beautiful nature reserve
    • Achziv Beach

    Hacienda Spa – Hacienda Forest View Hotel

    Between green landscapes and clear, clean air at a prestigious health and spa center in the
    • Hacienda Forest View Hotel, Ma'alot Tarshiha
    • 072-2160496

    SeaLife Spa Hotel

    New luxury boutique hotel, uniquely and magically located on the waterfront, on the last pristine beach

    NEA Spa

    NEA Boutique Hotel offers you accommodation in one of the beach houses located on an amazing

    Sandrine Spa and Boutique

    Sandrine Spa and Boutique was set up on the ancient walls of Kibbutz Regba in the

    Saint Anna Akko

    In the lighthouse of the ancient city of Akko, two authentic and pampering units are located

    Meakys Top View Bar

    The restaurant is located on the roof of a tall building in Tarshiha, and overlooks a

    Cafe Klil

    “Cafe Clil” in Moshav Clil in the Galilee is a graceful and colorful hospitality tent that

    פאב כמון

    כמון הוא פאב-מסעדה ותיק, אהוב ומקסים, המתאפיין באווירה נוסטלגית המתרפקת על העבר, ושנותן כבוד רב לתרבות
    • רחוב מעלה המסגד מעלות-תרשיחא
    • 04-997-6537

    Para Bar

    The Para is not just a place – this is an alternative in the Western Galilee.

    The Guesthouse in Klil

    Clil is located in the heart of the Western Galilee. Surrounded by natural hills and only

    Shtarkman Erna Boutique Hotel

    It all began in 1934 when Dr Soskin and Yosef Levi conceived the idea of establishing

    Baha’i Gardens Akko

    The founding prophet of the Baha’i Faith, the Baha’u’llah , lived here on the Baha’i estate.
    • Bahai Gardens Akko

    Norman Trail

    The Norman Trail, also known as the Yellow Stone Trail, is named after Norman, an artist
    • Shvil Norman, Kfar Vradim, Israel

    Yechi’am Stream

    In a dense, mostly shaded, Galilee grove there is a beautiful and pleasant trail along the
    • Nahal Yehi'am

    Betzet Stream

    The Betzet Stream trail is a very friendly, short and beautiful route of about 3 km. The
    • Nahal Betzet

    Kabri Archaeological Forest

    Join a tour for the entire family in the Kabri Archaeological Park, which was recently commissioned

    Farod River and Falls

    Right at the foot of Mount Meron, awaits you a magical sight, the Parod Waterfalls. Parod
    • Nahal Parod

    The Summit Path

    A circular trail suitable for the whole family. The route encircles the summit of Mount Meron,
    • Shvil HaPisga, Israel

    Tzalmon River

    The Tzalmon River, which flows in the northern part of the Lower Galilee, is a light
    • Nahal Tsalmon Valley

    Rocks Park

    The Rocks Park on the fringes of the Mount Sinai reserve, in the Western Galilee, is
    • Rocks Park

    Lake Monfort

    Monfort Lake, the first ecological park in Israel, is located in the heart of the Western

    Keshet Cave

    The Keshet Cave (also known as the Rainbow Cave or Arch Cave) in the Galilee,  is one of the
    • Keshet Cave

    Goren Park

    Goren Park extends into the heart of the Western Galilee grove and above the Kziv River.
    • Goren Park

    Rosh Hanikra

    The fascinating tourist attraction of Rosh Hanikra is located at the most north-western corner of Israel,

    Ein Afek Nature Reserve

    In the Ein Afek nature reserve, you will find many points of interest. As you walk

    Yechi’am Fortress National Park

    The ruins of a large and impressive fortress, combining buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman periods.

    Hanita Museum

    Hanita symbolizes the height of Operation ‘Tower and Stockade,’ a settlement method used by Zionist settlers

    Khurvat (Ruin) Daniela

    Khurvat Daniela, is an archaeological site in the Upper Galilee. The site is located near the
    • Khurvat (Ruin) Daniela

    Davidson Sculpture Garden

    The sculpture garden and the house gallery of Ruth and Meirke Davidson provide the visitor with

    Botanical and Zoological Garden

    The Botanical-Zoological Garden opened to the public in 2003, with a large diversity of animals and

    The Botanical Gardens

    The garden presents a variety of vegetation in the basin of the Mediterranean. On its 21
    • Ehud Manor St 1, Akko

    Challenge Mountain

    Challenge Mountain Park is located in a grove of pine trees in Kibbutz Sasa in the

    A Place In The Heart Cabin

    Couples cabin at Hefer Ranch, in Mitzpe Abirim A large wooden cabin with a mezzanine surrounded

    Ana Akko Hostel

    The unique Akko hostel is situated right outside the Old City of Akko, also known as

    Nzar Khoury for Hosting

    Nazar Khoury guest house is located in the Old City of Akko, a short walk from

    Akkotel Hotel

    Akkotel is a boutique hotel built into the walls of the world heritage site of the

    Akko Beach Hotel

    On one of the most beautiful bays in Israel the Akko Beach is located. With a
    • 04-9957999
    • Yehonatan ha-Khashmonai Street 1, Akko, Israel

    Palm Beach Hotel and Club

    In one of the most beautiful bays in Israel and close to all the major tourist

    The Sultan House

    The Sultan House is located in Old Akko. This is a beautiful old house, within walking

    Carma Holiday Home

    In the heart of the old city of Akko, in an ancient 1,000-year-old house, in the

    Chateau Akko

    Situated 1.8 km from the Marina in Akko, Chateau Akko Authentic Hosting features accommodation with air

    The Grape House

    The Grape House is named for the vine that grows throughout the yard of the house

    Zimmer Reef

    Zimmer Reef is especially suitable for families, including children, hikers and divers. In the immediate surroundings

    In the Shade of Pecan Tree Cabins

    A magical holiday that allows you to enjoy the nature, the tranquility and the pampering in

    Shahar in the Village

    In Moshav Bustan HaGalil, between Akko and Nahariya, the Shachar B&B is located in a village that provides an

    Yossi’s Cabins

    Three beautifully designed wooden cabins, located in Moshav Bustan HaGalil. From the cabins you have a

    Suddenly Orange B&B

    In Moshav Bustan Hagalil in the Western Galilee between strawberry trees, pomegranate orchards and banana trees,

    A Cottage in the Orchard

    You are invited to a magical holiday among the avocado trees, indulge in tranquility and nature,

    Aromatics B&B

    Somewhere in the north, in the heart of the breathtaking view of the Galilee, are three

    Wood of the Fields B&B

    Next to the northern coastline, in the west of Galilee you will find wooden huts in

    Zimmer and Sympathy B&B

    Between the grove and the orchard await four charming wooden cabins of Zimmer and Sympathy, equipped with

    The Fragrance of Fruit B&B

    The Fragrance of Fruit B&B is a holiday complex surrounded by a green orchard that offers

    Ilana’s Cabin

    In the pastoral village of Manot in the western Galilee, a perfect rural vacation awaits you in Ilana’s

    Sweet Dream Suites

    Sometimes dreams come true … In the western Galilee, in Moshav Manot, sits a green and

    Hagar and Yair B&B

    The cabins were built with the hands of the host, Yair and hence every detail has

    Moria Suite

    The luxurious Moriah Suite is designed in a modern, classic style, with meticulous attention to detail

    Kachale – Country Hospitality in a Romantic Atmosphere

    On the hillside of Moshav Me’ona, Nira and Jacobi Katz have built three beautiful wooden cabins.

    אחוזת טוהר

    סוויטת חלומות יוקרתית, חדשה ומרהיבה לזוג אחד בלבד או משפחה. מתאימה מאוד להפתעות וחגיגות מיוחדות, לאוהבי

    The Silk Cabin

    Three spacious wooden cabins that are incredibly romantic with the best indulgences for a romantic vacation.

    Combinations in Nature

    In Moshav Shtula, in the Western Galilee is the hospitality complex – “Shiluvim BaTeva” (Combinations in

    Mountain Air Suites

    The “Mountain Air” B&B offers an abundance of rare and seductive qualities: full privacy, a large

    Monkey Forest

    The Monkey Forest started out as a living corner for Yodfat children in the 1970s. Then,

    Extreme Park

    At the entrance to the city of Akko there are amazing attractions waiting for you in

    Goren Park

    Goren Park is located at the top of a huge cliff, which rises above the northern
    • Goren Park

    Adir Mountain

    On Mount Adir, not far from Kibbutz Sasa, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority has prepared
    • Adir Mountain

    Rosh HaNikra Visitor Center

    A love story between the mountain and the sea.  We dusted the rocks, painted the sea

    Ein Hardalit – The Kziv River Reserve

    Ein Hardalit is one of the springs that feeds the Kziv River. A large part of
    • Ein Hardalit

    Ben Ami Spa

    Many times we find ourselves stuck in the same daily routine, constantly carrying stress and worries

    Gali Galil Beach

    Gali Galil Beach is a beach protected by a breakwater integrated with the Nahariya Beach Boardwalk,

    Achziv Beach National Park

    Blue bays and rocky crevices, sandstone ridges and rare plants, sea turtle nesting sites, the remains

    Betzet Beach

    Betzet Beach is the northernmost of the beaches of the State of Israel, the beach is

    Banana Beach Achziv

    When you need quiet, a romantic atmosphere or family reunion, Banana Beach Achziv answers all vacation


    The Pubella is a pub in the north that belongs to the community of Manof and

    The Para

    The Para was founded in 2004 in Moshav Shavei Zion in the Western Galilee. The venue

    The Jam

    On the promenade of Akko, between the walls and the sea, is the Jam Club –

    Paradise Suite

    Paradise Suites can be found in the western Galilee, where three wooden cabins were built to

    The Apple Huts

    The apple huts were named after the apple orchards surrounding Shomera, the tower of Israel –

    An Experience on the Horizon

    The complex was established by the hosts with lots of love and a desire to fulfill

    The Lotem Cabins

    A beautiful and spectacular Galilee area right in the heart of the picturesque groves of the

    The Heart of the Grove Boutique Hotel

    In the heart of the enchanting forest of the Shomera Moshav in the Western Galilee, in

    The Golden Flower Cabins

    The Golden Flower Cabins in Moshav Shomera in the Western Galilee invite couples and families with

    Magnolia B&B

    On the winding road and the landscape of Genesis there are two wooden cabins in the

    Alumot Yosef Luxury Suites

    Luxury accommodation in 5 modern suites designed and situated in front of the magnificent Galilee views

    Cabins in the Shade of the Vine

    Asher and Natanela, an urban couple, came to Goren to realize their long-term dream of integrating

    The Love Estate Huts

    Alongside the Kziv stream and the Monfort Fortress, in the heart of  Moshav Goren there are

    Magic Moments Manor

    In the bed and breakfast area you will find four luxurious and special B&B vacation rentals,

    B&B on the Cliff

    In front of the green mountains above the Kziv Stream on a high, green cliff stand

    Yoni’s Wooden House

    Beautiful and pampering suites in Kfar Vradim, in the western Galilee, facing natural groves and wrapped

    The Urban Suite

    A private boutique resort of the highest standard, with a swimming pool and spa in the

    The Jem at Betzet

    The hospitality complex is located in Moshav Betzet in the Western Galilee and offers its guests

    Country Hospitality in Shomrat

    We offer you a variety of accommodation types, our rooms are comfortable and large with en

    Osnatta Boutique Suites

    Luxury suites for couples and families in the heart of the Western Galilee, in the picturesque

    Between Carobs and Olives B&B

    B&B vacation rentals “Between Carobs and the Olives” in Klil. If you are looking for a

    Sea-life Hotel

    A luxurious boutique hotel, uniquely and fantastically located on the waterfront, at one of Israel’s last

    Beit and Kait Rural Hospitality

    Beit and Kait is located at Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot. It is 4 km from Akko and

    Travel Hotel, Kibbutz Eilon

    The warm atmosphere of Kibbutz Eilon merges with Galilean pastoralism at the Travel Hotel. The location

    Travel Hotel, Gesher HaZiv

    The hotel is located on the edge of Kibbutz Gesher HaZiv – close to an accessible

    Hacienda Forest Hotel

    Located in the Western Galilee, near Kfar Vradim, lies the vacation and spa resort, “Hacienda Forest”.

    Akkotel, Boutique Hotel

      Akkotel is a boutique hotel built into the walls of the world heritage site of

    Villa Ben Ami

    The villa includes 8 B&B’s (guest rooms), which were designed in the most meticulous manner and

    Kabri Event Center

    The place for Northern performances. The Kabri event hall is air conditioned, occupies 560 people and

    Karmiel Cultural Center

    The Karmiel Cultural Center presents plays from the country’s top theaters, entertainment shows and concerts. In

    Nahariya Cultural Center

    The Moshe Aharon Culture in Nahariya was founded in 1987, and is the body that initiates

    Ma’alot Cultural Center

    היכל התרבות ואומנויות הבמה האזורי מעלות תרשיחא הוקם בשנת 2011 . מאז הפך למוקד תרבות אטרקטיבי

    Villas and Suites, Keshet Eilon

    The magic of a place … the Keshet Eilon guest houses are located on the outskirts

    “Balcony from the Stories” Cabin

    The perfect camping getaway surrounded by greenery, 3 magical and isolated corners (also one from the

    The Efendi Hotel

    Nestled in the picturesque narrow lanes of Akko, the Efendi Boutique Hotel overlooks the historic city

    HaMakom Boutique Hotel

    The boutique hotel is located on the side of a vegetable mountain near Moshav Netu’a and

    Sandrine Estate

    Sandrine Spa and Boutique was built on the ancient walls of Kibbutz Regba in the north

    Dolphin Village Resort

    Dolphin Village Resort will provide the ultimate combination of a green and flowering village and one

    Yamim – Suite on the Water

    Yamim (“Days” in hebrew) – suites on the beach, romantic and magical experience in front of

    Nea Boutique Hotel

    The Nea Boutique Hotel offers you accommodation in one of the beach houses on an amazing

    Maskit Boutique Hotel

    Welcome to Maskit – A synergy of design, service, intimacy, and international luxury standards. At Maskit

    Guest Houses at the Hefer Ranch

    Green nature, quiet and luxuries … Looking for a magical place in the peace of nature?

    Tefen Industrial Park Open Museum

    Tefen Industrial Park incorporates a business incubator for start-ups and start-up factories engaged in industrial exports,

    Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum

    The Ghetto Fighters’ House – Itzhak Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum– known as the

    Water Tower Art Gallery

    The water tower is known as a symbol of Nahariya. It is now used as an urban

    סטודיו קובי סיבוני

    בוגר המחלקה לעיצוב תעשייתי ב”בצלאל-אקדמיה לאמנות ועיצוב ירושלים”. קובי מתמקד במחקר ועבודה עם חוט ברזל בעובי

    Atelier Shemi Gallery

    Atelier Shemi is a compound and gallery in Kibbutz Cabri located in the Western Galilee, which

    Treasures in the Wall Museum

    The “Treasures in the Wall” Museum is located in the heart of the Old Wall of

    Magic Time Cabins

    Romantic log cabins with a view from their balcony of the Western Galilee and Lebanon Mountains.

    Recommendations in the Area

    The Zikit Theater is a multicultural visual theater, operating in Tefen in the Western Galilee and staging plays
    Ein Hardalit is one of the springs that feeds the Kziv River. A large part of the spring
    • Ein Hardalit

    Western Galilee
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