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Adelina was opened at Kibbutz Cabri more than 15 years ago. With a large patio overlooking banana fields and a blue sea...

Ayala Moriel Parfumes

Ayala Moriel
Ayala Moriel is a Clil resident and one of the pioneers in the modern natural perfumery field. In 2001, she opened Ayala...

Shula from Shtula

Shula Giladi
Shula lives in Shtula, a Yishuv on the Israeli-Lebanese border. The road leading up to Shtula is one of the prettiest in...

Symbolic Jewels

Meran Shavit and Nissim Ben Adiva
Meran Shavit and Nissim Ben Adiva are creative artists who joined together to open Symbolic Jewels studio. Meran Shavit turns old coins...

Kfar Masaryk – The Secrets of the Kibbutz Miracle

Efrat Sade
Kibbutz Kefar Masaryk, a green gem next to Akko, offers families and organizations fascinating tours through kibbutz living. At the beautifully renovated...

Amnon Gofer

Amnon Gofer
Traveler, Tour Guide and Explorer of Galilean culture. Amnon, resident of Kfar Vradim and History graduate from Tel-Aviv University, finished 22 years...


Paul Nirens
GalilEAT is owned and run by Paul Nirens and offers Galilean home cooking workshops, winter wild green foraging in the fields, market...


Basma Hino
Noor is a Druze restaurant and café, opened by Basma Hino at the center of the Julis Village. Basma is an IDF...


Eldad Bahar
Located at green Kibbutz Afek is Eldad Bahar’s creative space, a place he founded to make his art – fine leather items....

Yotam Dahan

Yotam Dahan
Yotam is a tour guide and educator, native of the village Clil in the Western Galilee. He offers a variety of trips...


Hagit Stern
Hagit Stern worked at a senior position in high-tech in the past but has always loved baking. She decided to follow her...

Flooka Restaurant

Said Shami
Flooka Restaurant, owned by Chef Said Shami, offers fish and seafood dishes that arrive every day fresh from the nearby fisherman’s port,...

Blacksmith Yuval Telem and Rushka Café and Gallery

Yuval Telem
 Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s workshop was founded at Matat around 20 years ago. Yuval the blacksmith is a self-taught artist working with iron,...

Ayelet Bar-Meir

Ayelet Bar-Meir
Ayelet Bar-Meir is a tour guide who loves meeting new people, nature and stories and plans unique tours exploring man, culture and...

Aya Natural Ltd.‎‏

Jamal Hamoud,
Aya Natural laboratories focus on developing and producing natural cosmetics products due to the unique health qualities found in organic oils (mainly...

Yodfat Cafe

Sharon Perez
Yodfat Cafe, found in the green Misgav Regional Council, was established out of love of people, nature, food and culture. This wonderful...

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