Feminine Trip Following Inspiring Women in Old Akko

A day of experiences, flourishing female entrepreneurship, a new side of the old city, and meeting the women who create and live within Old Akko.

  • Meetings with Locals
  • Art
  • Women's Trip
  • Akko Cuisine
Suitable For:
  • Women
  • Groups
  • Families & Friends
  • Delegations
Recommended Seasons:
  • All Year
  • Not Kosher
Group Size:
  • Maximum of 50 Participants
  • Not Accessible

Trip Duration

Around 6 Hours



Old Akko is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the winner of a UNESCO prize, holds history from the time of the Crusaders and Ottomans and five religions within one city, magnificent heritage, and countless stories. The Mediterranean Sea embraces it and is visible from every corner of the city. The old next to the new, mixing together. Colorful market, winding alleys, and beautiful buildings.

We have put together a half day for you, among the alleys, where you can meet inspiring women, both Jewish and Muslim, entrepreneurs who made dreams come true with exciting life stories. A day of experiences and new perspectives of the old city and the women who create and live in it.

A women’s trip suitable for groups of up to 50 people. An empowering day that combines breakfast, a guided tour of Akko, meetings with inspiring women, and a meal at a dairy and bakery. To contact us, get more information, and get a quote for the whole day, write to us at groups@westgalil.org.il 

  • Not Kosher, except for the breakfast and chocolate tasting

9 am – 10 am Breakfast at the Akotika Hotel


Feminine Morning


Female Entrepreneurship

Western Galilee
Info Center

Old Akko