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  • Photograph: Karmit Arbel Rumbak

Upcoming Events With Dr. Shelly Anne Peleg

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Thursday 09:00

A Tour of the Walls of Old Akko & Picnic

Welcome to a picnic tour with workers on the city walls of Old Akko under the
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Wednesday 16:00

Evening Tour in a French Aroma through Akko with Shelley Anne Peleg

Archaeologist Shelley Anne Peleg invites you to an evening that is all French aromas in Old

Dr. Shelly Anne Peleg Offers

Step into a House with Dr. Shelly Anne Peleg

Architectural tours to the unique houses of Akko and the Galilee. Come and visit the historical

Exploring Heritage at Night with Dr. Shelly Anne Peleg

Mystical evening tours down the allies of Akko or other cities in the Galilee. The tours

Hands-on-Heritage with Dr. Shelly Anne Peleg

Touching the old stones, climbing the ladders, mixing the material, conserving the walls and experiencing the

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