Buza Ice Cream

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Buza – simply ice cream! is a local Galilean ice cream produced from the finest products, 100% natural and based on Italian experience. Buza, the Arabic word for ice cream,  is owned and operated by Alaa Sweetat, a local Muslim and Adam Ziv, a Jew from Kibbutz Saדsa. The first Buza store out of 4 and is located in the center of Jewish – Arab town of Maalot-Tarshicha in the Western Galilee. It all begun with a dream..

Buza in Israel

Tel Aviv, 91 HaHashmonaim St., 972-3-5465295

Tarshicha, 1 HaShuk St., 972-4-8738984

Tzomet HaGoma, 972-4-6545416

Ice cream workshop, Kibbutz Sasa, 972-4-6918880


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