FACE to TIME Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition by 13 Artists, Members of Western Galilee Now – Small Business Consortium

Asia Dublin, Curator

Asia Dublin is a curator, designer, and jeweler, living in Kibbutz Adamit in the Western Galilee.
In recent years, she has been producing and initiating a wide range of projects in the Galilee in various fields.
Over the past decade, she has curated dozens of exhibitions in various private and public spaces, such as the Ghetto Fighters’ Gallery, the Rosh Hanikra Gallery, and the Kabri Gallery. In addition, she produced and curated the academy spaces at the “Galilee Color” art fair.
Asia began her studies in goldsmithing and later in jewelry design, and after a career as a high-tech interface designer, she turned to independent multidisciplinary work. Today she is also an interior designer and engaged in architectural design, which is characterized by an eclectic style that boldly and originally combines different periods and styles in design and architecture. At the same time, it is engaged in restoration, restoration, and preservation. For the past year, she has been working on a full restoration project of the “painted house” in Shlomi.

Alon Gil
Studio Jara, Klil

Ceramics and clay artist, making functional and artistic pieces, designing and creating stone and clay projects.


Artist Introduction:

“Life is a collection of contrasts and paradoxes – ancient and innovative, near and far, laughter and cry, beauty and horror, joy and sadness, violence and gentleness, war and love, virtual and actual… all these and more mix together in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. As a person and an artist, I delve into and try to convey the mix of emotions, ideas, illusions, and coming and going thoughts, that are sometimes expressed in a painting or sculpture piece that tries to evoke an inner & outer dialog of sorts with these paradoxes. Not an opinion; Not a firm statement nor solutions – Just observation and an attempt to create something poetic from the chaos, which, like the world and the potter’s wheel, circles round and round.


Avital Kerner Rothenberg
AV Design Studio, Regba

Industrial designer, Holon Institute of Technology graduate, creating luxury items from recycled Corian


Artist Introduction:

“These are very challenging times. One lockdown and then another. Unstable routine. Nothing is clear but intent. We just got back to work, dream, create, fulfill. Optimistically cautions, I create my routine.

One of the choices I made during this time is to hope. When the pandemic just started, I decided that AV will be a source of optimism and creation; that nothing would damage the spirit, taking tiny baby steps, as long as the direction is forward.

Hanukkah was just here, a holiday of hope and miracles. Hope must win over fear and despair.

The spinning top and Hanukkiah are there to remind me that everything around me is still turning, deciding it’s going to be okay and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel is my own conviction.”

Batya Margalit
Jara Studio, Clil

Glass artist, a graduate of Bezalel’s jewelry department – Batya creates glass artworks with copper, gold, and minerals using the glass fusing technique


Artist Introduction:

“Sometimes, our image of ‘reality’ changes beyond recognition. Everything that was known, daily routines – change, and one can’t help but take a deep breath and look at things a little differently.

In these kinds of situations, I like to turn inward and look at the smallest nearest things – the gaze of a mouse at a grain of wheat – dinner.

At the same time, I embrace the bird’s eye view in flight and try to see the bigger picture. Somewhere between these two extremes, there’s a space created, where life and creation can exist.

My works always carry tension between the controlled and uncontrollable. I encourage the arbitrary, the unknown, I summon it to become an inseparable part of the creative process, creative making… that is how one-of-a-kind art is made, products of momentary circumstances.”

Dalit Ben Shalom
Mosaic and Sculpture Studio, Kibbutz Yehi'am

Creative artist, and mosaic & sculpture teacher

Artist Introduction:

“Mosaic artist, teacher, and instructor.

Loves of all humankind, regardless of religion, race, or gender.

My studio is my fortress and my source of pride –

The people I meet there are my inspiration.

I love teaching.

Float between busy tables of materials and students.

Love the hustle and bustle and versatile creation.

But I also love peace and quiet,

Engage the mind and the matter.

One-on-one, my creation, and I.

My welding table and I.

The smell of electrodes in the air,

The iron bent under my fingers,

And the fire joining the iron pieces and warming my heart.

And then there’s the plaster,

Wrapping around the iron skeleton, creating form and soul.

And finally –

The colorful stones that complete this intricate tapestry of life.”

Edna Piorko
ART192 Gallery, Old Akko

Artist specializing in ceramic sculpting, telling stories in clay, creating figures and houses that reflect inner, private stories and biographies – member of the female co-op gallery, ART192, in Old Akko



“During days of isolation, home becomes a whole garden of discoveries and stimulations. Home is both a shelter and a prison, preventing direct communication with the outside world. In my home I’m a sad queen, counting the days until I can reemerge into the world, to life and to the warm embraces of outside people.”


Eldad Bahar
Omanya Studio, Kibbutz Afek

Creates and teaches the art of leather crafting and carving


Artist Introduction:

“The lockdown was actually a time of endless gifts.

After years, I’ve finally started making art for art’s sake, with no pressure, continuously and uninterrupted. I finally had the time to organize the studio and make improvements I’ve been planning for years but could never get to.

These days, I’m developing a shoe-making workshop, open to anyone who ever wanted to make their own hand-made shoes.

I’m taking this time to read books, update tools, go to the beach and visit family.”

Hedva Klein
ART192 Gallery, Old Akko

A jewelry designer who makes pieces from recycled books and colorful papers, a member of the female co-op gallery, ART192, in Old Akko


Artist Introduction:

“I’m Hedva Klein, I live and breathe books. The first thing that comes to mind when you say the word Books is reading or studying, writing, and the second is don’t throw books away! – but what about repurposing books?

I turn books that are thrown to recycle bins into spectacular jewelry. The old books change character – the combination of old paper and letters gives them different textures and spectacular colorfulness.

The jewelry stem from eco-thinking, recycling, and repurposing.

Books – in different languages – are collected, I admire their beauty and then make unique statement pieces out of them, with an ecologic say.”

Ilana Pour
ART192 Gallery, Old Akko

Potter, Bezalel graduate, creates functional art decorated with custom, designed, and handmade prints – a member of the female co-op gallery, ART192, in Old Akko


Artist Introduction:

“Covid19 forced us all to stay at home for so long, away from everything, but it allowed me to focus most of my time and energy on the studio. An ecstatic feeling of constant contact with the clay.

I created that which was in my heart and thoughts, uninterrupted or distracted like normal times, having the quality time I lacked in the past to experiment and make creative dreams come true.

And the results speak for themselves.”

Meran Shavit
Symbolic Jewels Studio, Old Akko

Creates jewelry and Judaica out of old coins


Artist Introduction:

“I only work with coins in my creative process, I do it out of love for their esthetic and the symbolism each coin represents. The different jewels I make are fashioned from old Israeli coins, dating from the establishment of the State onward, and from old unique coins from around the world. Some of the jewels are made of a single coin, just like the Rothschild coin ring in the photo, and others have several coins combined together to make one unique ring (see additional photos). It’s important to note since the ring is made out of the coin itself, the inside part is actually the other side of the coin.

I think I actually draw more inspiration and creativity during the challenging time we’re in, and it’s expressed in my work.”

Paula Rykin
Tin Time Studio, Moshav Gilon & Member of ART192 Gallery

Designer and creator of functional and decorative artifacts, based on upcycled materials and member of the female co-op gallery, ART192, in Old Akko


Artist Introduction:

Many of us wound up creating solutions on every level that we could. Many people took advantage of the lockdown to sort and organize their belongings. Some people did it because they finally had the time and some, just to keep busy. I guess it was a mixture of both in most cases. People suddenly discovered how many unnecessary things they’ve accumulated, and I found interest and use for those things they wanted to give away. My community’s give-away WhatsApp group flourished!

The art I’m presenting is essentially a collection of things that – on their own – have no meaning: disposable plastic plates, clothespins, toy parts, and broken jewelry. Connecting them all together creates life. Painted wild plants create contrast with the central figure, made entirely of the byproduct that is a consumer culture, and the simple wild plants create the interest, in my eyes.”

Tom Attias
Tom Attias – Woodcraft, Abirim

Woodcraft artist and teacher who lives and makes art in Abirim


Artist Introduction

“I learn and take inspiration from the effects of time on the matter, from building formwork, carving marks on sawmill lumberJapanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, and Manga comic books.

I make relief carvings and sculptures that follow the natural layout of each tree’s growth rings: first I observe and listen, freesketch on the wood with a pencil, and use sawing, carving and shaving techniques to create depth, texture, and different shades that reveal a 3-dimensional object from the wood, based on the initial sketch.

I collect my raw materials from the beach, desert, shipping yards, construction sites, or just off the street… castaway pieces that lost their meaning, run-down, rusty metal parts, an old door, driftwood, old shipping boxes, and tin sheets are my “canvas” where I recreate the collections into a large 3-dimensional collage with a new meaning. I noticed that during the past year, people started listening, when all of humanity was forced to a halt at once, there was suddenly time to think, delve deeper, or just stare into the distance – which is even more important sometimes!

I create in a time tunnel when I create, time loses its meaning, only its effect on the material remains… I think more and more people are beginning to realize we’ve “wasted our time” on time. We’ve enslaved ourselves to it and I hope we’ll realize together that it’s okay, necessary, and possible to just take our time…



Walied Khoury
Walied Khoury – Blacksmith, Fassuta

Blacksmith and iron sculptor, blacksmithing course graduate, and prize-winner of European contests


Artist Introduction:

“Ahlan, I’m Walied Khoury, blacksmith and iron sculptor from Fassuta village.

I also make copper art and heat up iron using coal in traditional ways.

All of my sculptures and art are created out of life and my imagination.

In light of the current situation around the world, I’ve made these flowers to give hope to anyone who sees them.”

Yuval Telem
Blacksmith Yuval Telem, Mitzpe Matat

Iron artist, self-educated and knows blacksmithing inside and out through craftsmen and professional colleagues


Artist Introduction:

“Covid19 time –

Our heads are on full turbo!

The world decided – ‘Stop!’

Work demanded continuity!

Time gave me an opportunity to reexamine my relations with the trade and myself.

I’m grateful for this gift called Matat (which actually means ‘gift’ in Hebrew) – where I can keep creating with almost no change.”

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