Private Craft Workshops with Blacksmith Yuval Telem

Blacksmith Yuval Telem and Rushka Café and Gallery
  • matat
Sun-Fri By appointment Sat 11:00-17:00
Child friendly

Private Craft Workshops

Yuval Telem Blacksmith also offers

Rushka Café Above the Gallery

Located above Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s workshop is Rushka Café and Gallery, overlooking spectacular views of Mount

Workshops for Groups or Families With Blacksmith Yuval Telem

Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s workshop in located at the entrance to his Yishuv community. His workshop is

Blacksmith and Gallery, Yuval Telem

A metal workshop in the creative process, a gallery with Yuval’s metal sculptures and furniture, a Cafe and a gorgeous Galilean view. All this and more at Yuval and Mira Telem in Matat.


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