Workshop and Personal Story at Odette Chocolate and Pralines Boutique

Odette Chocolate and Pralines Boutique
  • Photographer: Anatoly Michaelo
  • Photographer: Anatoly Michaelo
  • Kibbutz Regba
Sunday-Thursday 8:30am-3:00pm Fridays - Must reserve in advance
Flexible workshops, must also be reserved in advance
Workshops for Children & Adults

סדנא ומפגש אישי בבוטיק אודט

Upcoming Events at the Odette Boutique

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Saturday 10:00

Creation & Chocolate for the Whole Family

You are invited to creative chocolate meetings from the Odette Chocolate Boutique in the Secret of
  • Kfar Masaryk Tourist Center, Western Galilee, Israel
  • 052-8890381

The Odette Boutique Also Offers

Sweet Deliveries from the Odette Chocolate & Pralines Boutique

Odette is a handmade chocolate and praline boutique established by Dr. Shlomit Zamir in Kibbutz Regba.

The Odette Boutique Store

Odette’s chocolate boutique offers a wide selection of praline flavors, developed over two years to give

Chocolate Workshops for Kids and Adults

The Odette chocolate boutique has chocolate workshops for all ages. The workshops teach about chocolate and

Odette Boutique, Shlomit Zamir

Dr. Shlomit Zamir, a Materials Engineer, decided after 18 years of working as R&D Groups Manager in Israel’s defense industry to dedicate herself to developing another kind of material, and a long-time hobby – chocolate.

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