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Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove
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Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove Offers

Buying Hand Made Musical Instruments at Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove

Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove, founded in 2011,  is a workshop of great love for the world

A Visit, Lecture & Drumming Workshop

Come explore and enjoy a visit to the  Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove workshop, which includes demonstrations,  explanations,

Kandu Wood ‘N’ Groove, Shachar Bergman & Yaniv Sharabi

Shachar Bergman, a bass guitar player, plays in different ensembles, among them the ensemble “Galilean Love” with musician George Saman. Yaniv Sharabi, ghitar player, created the Duo “The Paz Dui” with his sister Dana.


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