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Thursday 17:00

The Wonderful World of Bees — Celebrate International Bee Day with Tzuf

Thursday, May 20th, 5 pm – 6:30 pm Come and celebrate International Bee Day this year.

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Deliveries from Tzuf — Healthy Sweets & Honey

At Tzuf we believe in doing good — Doing good to man through food. Doing good to

A Flower- Bee Tour in Nature wih Tzuf

The bees are a miraculous wonder and their relationship with man is of the most important

Lecture on the wondrous world of the bees at Tzuf

Is the bee an intelligent creature, or it the family of bees a micro-organism with a

Tzuf , Tuvya Dikman

Even before becoming a professional bee keeper- Tuvya Dikman followed bees with great attention. Their movement was always mesmerizing. It was only when he came back to the Galilee, that he decided to follow his dream and become a beekeeper.

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