Natural Cosmetics
  • צילום: מיכאלו אנטולי
  • Photograph: Shachar Galnoor
  • Photograph: Shachar Galnoor
  • צילום: מיכאלו אנטולי
  • צילום: מיכאלו אנטולי
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Natural Cosmetics at Tamarahindi

Natural Cosmetics Tamarhindi specializes in natural apothecary and in the preparation of classic and ancient remedies,

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Enjoy an experiential workshop, concocting remedies like in the olden days. The workshop is suitable for

Ayurveda Treatments at Tamarahindi

Tamara, a certified Ayurvedic medicinal therapist, invites you to partake in a classic Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda

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