Shirat Roim Dairy – House of Cheese

Shirat Roim
  • Kibbutz Lotem
Sun- Thurs By appointment Fri 9 AM- 5 PM
Sat 10 AM - 5 PM
Child friendly

Shirat Roim Dairy- House of Cheese

Shirat Roim also offers

Deliveries from the Shirat Roim Dairy

Shirat Roim Boutique Dairy, produces quality cheeses from sheep’s milk (goats and sheep) using traditional methods

Cheesemaking Workshop at Shirat Roim

Shirat Ro’im is a boutique cheesemaker producing hard, semi-hard, semi-soft and soft sheep and goat’s milk

Shirat Roim Dairy – The Delicatessen

In Shirat Ro’im- House of cheese, you will find our Delicatessen where you can taste and

Shirat Roim, Michal Mor Melamed

Michal Mor Melamed, the dairy’s cheese-maker, is a veteran speech and language therapist who stumbled across the world of cheese by chance. Today Michal is an international judge for prestigious cheese competitions around the world.


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