Friday at Shefi’s- Kabalat Shabat

Shefi- Meat Restaurant, Brewery and Boutique Vineyard.
  • Manot
Fridays: 11 AM until 2 hours before Shabat.

Shefi Offers

Food Deliveries from Shefi’s

Shefi’s leading motif is quality and freshness, using the raw materials we have in the Galilee

Handmade Beer Brewing Workshops at Shefi’s

3. A fascinating hobby and experience, brewing beer with household utensils, Shefi will be waiting for

Meat Tasting Meal at Shefi’s

  Shefi’s serves a variety of dishes based on quality meats, along with rustic, Galilean-style or

Shefi, Shefi Shaltiel

The cooking skills and design of Shefi’s dishes are the ones that have inspired the familiar nickname Shefi from friends and acquaintances – from the word “chef”.  The name has since accompanied Shefi through all his endeavors.

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