Manufacturing Leather Goods and Countrywide Training with Omanya

  • Kibbutz Afek
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Manufacturing Leather Goods and Countrywide Training

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Wednesday 17:00

Professional Course for Shoe Design & Creation with the Artist Nina Rozin at the Omanya Studio

It’s finally happening, the first shoe design course in our area! Nina Rozin arrives at the

Omanya also offers

Personal and Long-Term Workshops at Omanya

At pastoral Kibbutz Afek, the artist Eldad Bahar set up a space to create his handicraft

Manufacturing Leather Goods at Omanya

Omanya provides workshops for creating with leather for all ages. In his beautiful studio, Eldad Bahar,

Omanya, Eldad Bahar

The artist Eldad Bahar, Born and raised in Kibbutz Afek, Brings the leather craftsmanship back to life in his studio and workshop.


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