Friday Dinner at La Pampa

La Pampa
  • Photograph: Anatoli Michaelo
  • Mizpe Hila
Thurs 7:30 PM- 11:00 PM Fri 7 PM

Friday Dinner at La Pampa

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Friday 16:00

Oktoberfest at La Pampa

Octoberfest (German: Oktoberfest) is a beer festival held annually in the city of Munich in Bavaria.

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Thursday Dinner at La Pampa

La Pampa is located on a patio overlooking magical and calm mountainous view of oak trees.

Events in La Pampa

Eran, the owner of La Pampa, is a talented cook, born in Argentina and raised with

La Pampa restaurant , Ilanit and Eran Tabechnik

Ilanit and Eran built the restaurant in their backyard and together with their children they lovingly cook and serve its food.

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