Distillery Events at Jullius

Jullius Distillery
  • צילום: מיכאלו אנטולי
  • Kibbutz Hanita
Thurs 2 PM- 6 PM Fri 10 AM- 2 PM

Distillery events

Jullius Distillery also offers

Alcohol and a Light Meal at the Jullius Distillery

Jullius Distillery was opened in 2008 by Yuval (Joov) Har Gil. Today, Jullius Distillery is at

Alcohol Tastings at the Jullius Distillery

Due to the current situation, Julius Distillery will nit be hosting tours. We apologize and hope to

Jullius Distillery, Yuval (Joov) Har Gil.

Joov, media man and former food and liquor critic, decided to turn theory into practice and make alcohol himself.

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