Inspiration & Experience – Conferences & Training Days for Organizations

The International Dance Village — KCDC
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Inspiration & Experience - Conferences & Training Days for Organizations

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Friday 10:00

A Friday of Rhythm, Movement, Photography & Recreation — Spring Festival

The combination of professional dancers, a smartphone camera, a lively entertainment space, and an envigorating spring
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Tuesday 20:30

“The Director’s Cut” — A Dance Experience by Rami Be’er

A new work bubbles from iconic moments and re-emerges in a surprising and immersive director’s version.

We Also Offer

A Rhythmic Experience with a Musician & Dancers from the Kibbutz Dance Troupe

An immersive experience with dancers from the kibbutz dance troupe and a musician, percussionist. An exciting

Fun Days & Team-Building in the Rhythm of the International Dance Village

In the green and pastoral space of the Western Galilee about a hundred dancers from all

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company , Ayelet Ghez

Out of a deep belief in the powerful experience of meeting the dancers and their work, Ayelet promotes tourism in the dance village, to allow visitors a fascinating look into the world of the dance company.

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