ODT Workshops & Staff Development at Hefer Ranch

  • Photograph: Anatoli Michaelo
  • Abirim

ODT Workshops & Staff Development at Hefer Ranch

Hefer Ranch Also Offers

A Place In The Heart Cabin

Couples cabin at Hefer Ranch, in Mitzpe Abirim A large wooden cabin with a mezzanine surrounded

Day Visit to the Hefer Ranch

Hefer Ranch in Moshav Abirim, is a gem in the heart of the forest. Out of

Guest Houses at the Hefer Ranch

Green nature, quiet and luxuries … Looking for a magical place in the peace of nature?

Hefer Ranch, Edna & Eyal Hefer

Edna and Eyal Hefer created their family business with hard work and love. The work on the ranch is based on family and the relationship with the guests is based on self-service and trust.

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