Hasi Fiber Studio

Art & Craftsmanship
  • צילום: מיכאלו אנטולי
  • צילום: מיכאלו אנטולי
  • 49 Ganim road st. Bustan Hagalil
By appointment
Child friendly

Hasi Nave's studio

Hasia Naveh Studio Offers

Circle of Seamstresses and Embroidery in the Hasi Fiber Studio

A meeting with the world of patches and embroidery, explanations and experience in sewing and embroidery.

Artist Encounter at the Hasi Fiber Studio

Hassi, Artist and Quilter from Bustan HaGalil, is opening her studio for workshops and fun days.

Sewing and Embroidery Circle at the Hasi Fiber Studio

An introduction to the world of patchwork and embroidery, explanations and participation in sewing and embroidery.

Owl Making Workshop at the Hasi Fiber Studio

Hassi Naveh is a quilt artist who creates with fabric squares. In the owls workshop around

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