Handicrafts & Traditional Cuisine at the Galilean Madafa

The Galilean Madafa
  • Kaabiyah
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Traditional Hospitality & Coffee Ceremony at the Galilean Madafa

At the Galilean Madafa you will experience traditional Bedouin hospitality with a warm, welcoming family, hear

Guided Tours & Trips at the Galilean Madafa

Wefqi Salamna is a qualified tour guide accredited by the Ministries of Tourism and Education, who

The Galilean Madafa, Wefqi & Inshrakh Salamna

Wefqi Salamna is 72 years old. Born in Kaabiyah, he has always been drawn to the study of the Land of Israel with its wealth of cultures and diverse human landscape. With a master’s degree in Eretz Israel studies, accreditation as a qualified tour guide, and his ability as a brilliant storyteller, Wefqi launched this fascinating venture.

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