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Deliveries from Asal Alnor – Honey & Honey Products

Ghassan Saleh, a Bee Keeper, is a graduate of the “Tel Chai” College program of Bee

The Asal Alnor Workshops for All Ages

The Asal Alnor visitor’s center is engaged in the world of the bees and when visiting

The Asal Alnor Gift Shop

In the Asal Alnor Gift Shop you can find a wide variety of beehive products: The

Asal Alnor Visitors Center, Ghassan Saleh

Ghassan Saleh, 34 years old enjoys the work with the bees. As a child, Ghassan mastered karate and was a world champion, European champion five times and he can’t even count the number of championships he has won in Israel.

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