Fish & Seafood at the Flooka Restaurant

Flooka Restaurant
  • Salah A Din St. Old Akko
Sun-Sat 1 PM- 11 PM

Fish & Seafood at Flooka

Flooka also offers

Takeaway from the Flooka Restaurant

מסעדת פלוקה ממוקמת בעכו ומציעה מנות דגים ופירות ים טריים ואיכותיים המגיעים כל יום מרציף דייגים.

Themed Evenings at the Flooka Restaurant

Flooka Restaurant, owned by Chef Said Shami, offers fish and seafood dishes that arrive every day

Events at the Flooka Restaurant

Flooka restaurant can accommodate up to 30 people and is a great venue for parties, birthdays,

Flooka Restaurant, Said Shami

“From the moment I can remember, I’ve been in the kitchen. After working in large kitchens and teaching generations of cooks, I decided to open my own place with dishes we ate at home in Akko so that many more could enjoy these dishes.”

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