Events at the Noor Restaurant

Noor Restaurant
  • Julis
Working Hours Tuesday to Thursday 9 am - 9 pm
Friday 9 am - 2 pm

Events at the Noor Restaurant

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Tasting Menu at the Noor Restaurant

Noor is a Galilean Druze restaurant, established by Basma Hino in the heart of the Jullis

Druze Lunch at the Noor Restaurant

The food at the Noor Restaurant is based on traditional home cooking. All the products are

Noor Restaurant , Basma Hino

Basma Hino, the owner of the Noor Restaurant and Café, is a woman of enormous strength and will. Her emotional story begins in 2002 when her husband, Marcel, was injured on a mission during his reserve army service. Marcel went into a coma and died 13 years later. Her son Noor was born 4 months after the injury and the restaurant is named after him.

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