Beit Elfarasha — Authentic Akko Cooking

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Sun-Sat 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Thursday 12:00

Cooking Workshop & Authentic Akko Meal at Beit Elfarasha — Spring Festival

A fascinating cooking workshop and encounter with local women, tastes, and smells that exist only in

Beit Elfarasha Offers

Eat with at Beit Elfarasha

Beit Elfarasha invites you to a traditional Akko-style meal. The meal is an experiential event where

Accommodation Suites at Beit Elfarasha

Beit Elfarasha opened in December 2020 and is housed in a recently renovated Ottoman building located

Cooking Workshops with Local Akko Women at Beit Elfarasha

Beit Elfarasha (Butterfly House) invites you to learn how to prepare real, authentic Akko-style food. The

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