Handmade Beer Brewing Workshops at Shefi’s

Shefi- Meat Restaurant, Brewery and Boutique Vineyard.
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Shefi Offers

Food Deliveries from Shefi’s

Shefi’s leading motif is quality and freshness, using the raw materials we have in the Galilee

Friday at Shefi’s- Kabalat Shabat

Shefi’s is a Galilean meat restaurant with its private brewery and family vineyard. On Fridays, Shefi

Meat Tasting Meal at Shefi’s

  Shefi’s serves a variety of dishes based on quality meats, along with rustic, Galilean-style or

Shefi, Shefi Shaltiel

The cooking skills and design of Shefi’s dishes are the ones that have inspired the familiar nickname Shefi from friends and acquaintances – from the word “chef”.  The name has since accompanied Shefi through all his endeavors.

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