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Adelina Restaurant

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Tuesday 12:00

Family Day at the Adelina Chef Restaurant: Business Meal & Desserts For Children

led by Chef Rushdi Dakvar, invites families on the occasion of Family Day to enjoy Adelina’s

Adelina Offers

Food Deliveries from the Penguin Restaurant

The veteran restaurant in Nahariya makes deliveries of its most favorite and popular dishes. This menu

Tapas Tour – Tasting or Business Meal at the Adelina Restaurant

As a chef restaurant in northern Israel, Adelina is dedicated to promoting the region’s food and

Adelina Mediterranean Chef Restaurant — Delivery Menu

אדלינה, מסעדת שף איכותית עם תפריט המשלב בין טעמים וחומרי גלם של הגליל לבין המטבח הספרדי-קטאלוני.

Friday Brunch at the Adelina Restaurant

Adelina is one of the oldest chef restaurants in northern Israel, and one of the first

Events at the Adelina Chef Restaurant

Adelina is a Mediterranean chef restaurant with Spanish influence, offering different options for private and business

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