July Art – Artistic Trips & Tours

The trips and tours to be held during July Art are all surprisingly artistic. Exploring local artists, visits to ancient palaces, woodland fairy walks, meetings with woodworkers and cheesemakers, and many other surprises.

Concert-Trip from the Fairy Tales - A Trip for the Whole Family with Tour Guide Karmit Arbel Rumbak

An Evening Tour with a Wood Artist, Goat Cheese & Magical Galilean Landscape

Trip to Kfar Yasif & Clil: Art, Creativity & Local Culture with Tour Guide Yotam Dahan

Tour of Artists & Craftsmen in Ancient Akko with Tour Guide Omri Avidar

Evening Tour in a French Aroma through Akko with Shelley-Anne Peleg

Tour through the Hidden Palaces of Ancient Akko with Shelley-Anne Peleg

Women's Tour: Nature, Music & Feminine Creation with Tour Guide Karmit Arbel Rumbak

An Evening Tour of Art: Rock, Paper & Paintbrush with Tour Guide Ayelet Bar-Meir

Evening Trip: Gorgeous Natural Gems, Art & a Romantic Sunset with Tour Guide Naaman Mazor at Kfar Masaryk

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