Café Rushka

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Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s workshop at Mattat was established around 20 years ago by the Jewish Agancey. In 2008 Yuval and his wife Mira opened a gallery above the workshop to showcase and sell Yuval’s unique creations.

Two years ago a Café was added to the gallery – Rushka, overlooking the breathtaking view of Mount Adir. The gallery showcases Telem’s works of art while the Café serves Mira Telem’s meticulous menu of fresh vegetarian dishes.

Every chair and table at the café, every napkin holder and wooden tray carrying Rushka-made Passion Fruit liqueur, are pieces of art made by Yuval who as a craftsman creating applied art, sticks to simplicity and creates by following clients needs in the hopes of leaving his mark through his creative life.

During the week Yuval is creating in his workshop but by booking in advance, visitors are welcomed to come and even experience the work of a blacksmith first hand. Groups can also combine a visit to the gallery with coffee and cake at the café. Did you know -Iron is the most common raw material in the world. Come and listen to Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s stories in one of the most beautiful places in the country and in the Galilee especially – Mattat.

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