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About Western Galilee Now

The Western Galilee is a breathtaking region, overflowing with history, culture, natural beauty and folklore.

Breathe the fresh air, view the sights, meet the people, listen to their stories and sample locally-produced gourmet delights.

Sip wines based on ancient traditions at boutique wineries and taste some of our exquisite beers.

Taste the regional goat cheeses and sample other culinary treats like the extra virgin olive oil and the freshly-baked breads.

Indulge yourself with natural cosmetics based on recipes from bygone days.

Stroll down the streets of ancient villages, relax at local coffee houses and discover the joys of rich, authentic tastes served in attractive restaurants and cozy cafes.

Visit the local craftsmen, join them in their workshops and meet directors and actors of local theaters.

Come and discover a ‘small corner of heaven’


Western Galilee Now is a registered non-profit organization (NPO) aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation for the region’s boutique wines, beers, food and produce, along with its cultural diversity, its historic traditions and the area’s scenic routes nestled between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Our goal is to expose visitors to the Western Galilee’s unique heritage and hospitality.

Our vision is to develop local and foreign tourism on the basis of close cooperation between all the interested parties in the region.

Western Galilee Now promotes local initiatives, workshops, culinary events, wine tours, guided tours, themed weekends and “tailor-made” visits for discerning tourists, individuals or groups and organizations.

We warmly invite you to explore our upcoming events and follow our local map. You can either visit the attractions and sights privately, or you can register and take part in any of the organized and prepared routes or travel with one of our tourguides.

Western Galilee Now Management

Board of Directors

Amnon Gofer – Tour guide specializing in the Galilee.

Johnny Stern – Winemaker and Owner of ‘Stern’ winery, Kibbutz Tuval.

Eyal Hefer – Owner of Makom Balev Meshek Hefer, little tourist farm, Mitzpe Abirim

Jonathan Koren – Winemaker and co-owner of Lotem Organic Winery, Kibbutz Lotem

Executive director

Michal Shiloah Galnoor

For the full list of Members – press here

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A short story – How it all begun:

WGN was formed in October 2011 by a small group of local artisans and producers with the strong belief that working together could enhance their products, promote their businesses and assist them to grow. WGN became a legal entity in Jan. 2012 (NPO/NGO).

The Western Galilee seemed to be the “neglected” part of the Galilee in spite of its huge potential. The basic idea was to expose the WG to the public at large. The Galilee is known by upper and lower Galilee, by increasing the awareness and branding WG we can open it to new exciting tourism. The founders of WGN felt and feel that the right way to achieve their goals in through a “grass roots” effort, starting from the bottom and moving upwards instead of waiting for a “top to bottom” approach or relying on outside help.

WGN members feel that with a minimal budget (monthly membership fee of 350 NIS), a spirit of cooperation and a lot of hard work including volunteer work, the goals can be achieved. From the start it was decided to rely on a minimal staff, small overheads and volunteer work The unique WGN view and practice is based on achieving its goals through the spirit and practice of cooperation between members – a unity brings strength.

Today after a period of 5 and a half years since we first got together as a formal group (1.10.2011), WGN has 40 members (each member has 1-50 employees) according to Categories and Criteria:

Categories for membership in Western Galilee Now Association

  1. Wine and Alcohol
  2. Cheese Makers
  3. Restaurants & Cafes
  4. Local Produce
  5. Home Cooking workshops
  6. Natural Products
  7. Tour Guides and Culinary Advisers
  8. Craftsmanship
  9. Theater and Artists
  10. Outdoor expeience

Criteria for membership in Western Galilee Now Association

  1. Small local businesses under one of the above categories
  2. Personal connection/ service between Owner/producer and the client
  3. High quality of Produce/product and service
  4. Nice Visiting center
  5. The understanding that working together is the secret to success
  6. Attendance of meetings (every 6 weeks all members meet)
  7. Donating time to WGN activities

Western Galilee Now – for video press this link

The general goals of WGN:

  1. Proving that the WG is an attractive place to live in!
  2. Cultivating local crafts, small industries, local artisanal producers such as wine & cheese makers, assisting them to achieve their goals, work, live with their families and follow their dreams in the WG
  3. Developing the hospitality and leisure industry by enhancing culinary delights, art, culture, history all in a multi faith environment (Jews, Arabs, Moslems, Druze and Christians), through tours, cultural events, art exhibitions, festivals etc..
  4. Develop the WG as an attractive tourist region for local and foreign tourism.

Remark: According to  Ministry of Tourism (31.12.2013)  over 30% of the residents in the Galilee income, depend on tourism.

The outline of achieving our goals is through tours and events in the area aimed at: private clients (local and foreign tourism) & cooperate clients., presenting its cultural and religious diversity, its historic traditions and the area’s scenic routes nestled between the Meron Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea. The association was named “Western Galilee Now” as now it is the time for the Western Galilee and it is the time to expose visitors to the Western Galilee’s unique heritage.

WGN is a registered non government non profit organization no. 580553659 (NGO) since 23.1.2012 

Taste experience and discover the Western Galilee time